Project: Real-time 3D Fire Simulation


In this project, we present a method for real-time simulation of 3-dimensional fire inspired by an old trick known as the "silk torch". Silk torch has proven illusive effects on human visual perception of fire. We combine this compelling visual effect of the computer generated silk torch with additional physical properties of the combustion process, such as the speed of the vaporized fuel, the effect of wind, the gravity, and other internal/external forces in order to provide realistic simulation of the dynamics of various types of flame under different conditions. While the approach maintains an extremely low computational cost, it provides all the desired features in terms of visual appeal, controllability, and the capability of allowing for interactions with other objects in applications such as mixed reality and entertainment.

Keywords: Real-time Fire Simulation.


  • Murat Balci and Hassan Foroosh, "Real-time 3D Fire Simulation Using a Spring-Mass Model", IEEE International Multimedia Modeling Conference, 2006. (PDF)