Mais Alnasser

PhD Student in Computer Science
School of EECS
Room ENG3 215
Phone: (407) 823 - 0016
Email: nasserm @

Miss Alnasser received a Bachelor degree in Applied Mathematics from Jordan University of Science and Technology, Jordan. She has a Masters degree in Computer Science from University of Michigan, Dearborn specializing in Software Engineering/Computer Graphics. She has a second Masters degree in Computer Science from University of Central Florida, Orlando specializing in Computer Graphics. She has graduated with a Ph.D. degree in Computer Science specializing in Computer Graphics. Her Ph.D. thesis focused on phase-shafting of Haar transformed 1D, 2D and nD signals. In addittion, her Ph.D. also focused on global illumination in synthetic scenes and employing Haar wavelets for solving the rendering equation required in lighting computation.

She is currently a Sr. Software Engineer at AMD/ATI, Orlando.