Project: GPS Coordinates Estimation using Shadow Trajectories


Using only shadow trajectories of stationary objects in a scene, we demonstrate that using a set of six or more photographs are sufficient to accurately calibrate the camera. Moreover, we present a novel application where, using only three points from the shadow trajectory of the objects, one can accurately determine the geo-location of the camera, up to a longitude ambiguity, and also the date of image acquisition without using any GPS or other special instruments. We refer to this as "geo-temporal localization". We consider possible cases where ambiguities can be removed if additional information is available. Our method does not require any knowledge of the date or the time when the pictures are taken, and geo-temporal information is recovered directly from the images. We demonstrate the accuracy of our technique for both steps of calibration and geo-temporal localization using synthetic and real data.

Keywords: GPS Coordinates Estimation, Shadow Trajectories.


  • Imran N. Junejo and Hassan Foroosh, Estimating Geo-Temporal Location of Stationary Cameras Using Shadow Trajectories, Proc. The 10th European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV), 2008.
  • Imran N. Junejo, and Hassan Foroosh, Using Solar Shadow Trajectories for Camera Calibration 15th IEEE International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP), 2008.

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