Affiliated Faculty:

Postdocs or Visting Scholars:

  • Open positions may be available.

Doctoral Students:

  • Vildan Atalay, Wavelet Theory and its applications. (Joined Spring 2012)
  • Sarah Loewy, Stereovision and Multiple-View Geometry
  • Steven Braeger, Compressive Sensing and 3D Sensing
  • Maryam Jaberi, Subspace Clustering
  • Kristian Damkjer, Recognizing Structures in Geiger-mode LiDAR
  • Dustin Morley, Multi-model Image Registration for Cataract Surgery
  • Felix Fontan, Rate of Innovation Multi-spectral Reconstruction
  • Min Wang, Deep Learning
  • Marjaneh Safaei, Confluence of Computer Vision and Natural Language Processin
  • Pooyan Balouchian, Confluence of Computer Vision and Natural Language Processin
  • Sushant Kulkarni, Reconstructive Recognition
  • Brian Millikan, Compressive Sensing and Compressive Recognition
  • Sangwoo Cho, Action Recognition
  • Ankit Sharma, Fine Grain Classification
  • Amir Emad Marvasti, Deep Learning
  • Ehsan Emad Marvasti, Deep Learning
  • Karan Daei-Mojdehi, Single-Image Depth Estimation
  • Sina Lotfian, View-Invariant Object Recognition
  • Andrew Yee, Compressive Sensing of Hyperspectral Data

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